27 Hour Pottery Journey 

 -guided by Jacqueline Richards 

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Yoga  Pottery Retreat, ON  

Facilitator, Jacqueline Richards-RYT, AMP

Do you ever feel the call as a woman to honor the feminine? To gather as a tribe and speak of things that is sacred to only us?

We live in a culture where this space is so rarely honored.

Here in the magic, overlooking majestic fields, and bloomin' delicious raving food, pottery, and dance.

 Are you sick and tired of BEING sick and tired?

Do you want an extreme SOUL makeover?

If you want to RESOLVE your resolution,

For your mind, body, and soul, we have your alignment solution

Will a crooked arrow hit your target?

Not one year.  Not one week.  It is 27 hours!

Not $27,000. Not $2,700. It's $797.00.  Reserve your ticket now, yes NOW  for $797.00 per weary traveller


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 Because you want to be on this 27 Hour Journey, we accept Cash, Cheque, PayPal, or Credit Card

Your 27 Hour Journey includes:  your overnight stay at in ROSLYN, ONTARIO, Sunday Afternoon welcome lunch & dinner, 2 wonderful Monday* meals.

Do you want to restore your appetite for life?

We will clear out space for your GENIUS and Pottery.

Create your connection with our three S’s - Success, Sensuality, and Support.

Not one year.  Not one week. It is 27 hours!

Not $27,000. Not $2,700. It is $797.00 per weary traveller

Reserve your ticket now for yes NOW for $797.00 per weary traveller

The most extraordinary aspects of you come from you.

RESERVE your ticket NOW. jacquelinerichards2@gmail.com

or call 613-857-0506