Masterminds will adopt ideas only if they are useful.  They work efficiently toward accomplishing the Mastermind's well-defined goals.

A Mastermind group helps you gain tremendous insights which can improve your business and personal life.  Conceptualized your MasterMind Group as your goal-objective board of directors.

What Will You Get From this session?

Master Mind experience, skills, and ideas for your business and personal life

Master Mind offers an instant and valuable support network chosen by you

Master Mind provides a sense of shared endeavours accomplished within a specific time frame

Master Mind designs things to be the way you want them to be, not as you've been told they "should" be


Why Should you attend?

ü  Learn to create a supportive team of MasterMind partners

ü  Tête-à-tête with those who want to reach or exceed their goals ready to let their desire to be passionate about their life and work

ü  Overcome fear of change.  Engage the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary


Jacqueline Richards’, Non-Di$clo$ure$ Mastermind group, originally comprised of six clever and ambitious individuals accomplish their goals and objectives with spirit and exuberance, magnetism and magic, and an injection of chaos.

The secret of Achievement is one of the most sought-after by modern North Americans, and is clearly not available to most people. A man by the name of Napoleon Hill dealt with many controversial subjects through his writings including racism, slavery, oppression, failure, revolution, war and poverty through his most famous work, Think and Grow Rich. One of the best-selling books of all time.