Restore the Home, Money, & Balance Sheets 

You have the right to financial comfort and stability. If you don’t feel like you are in a safe place with money, then it is time to pull back some of the energy you put into others and restore the balance by putting it into your own issues. This is easy advice to give, but can be tough to put into action after a lifetime of putting yourself second. Let’s face it, saying “No” to people we care about is hard. But remember the flight safety demonstration—if the oxygen masks drop down, we need to put our own masks on before we can help our seatmates.

Let's start with Home Ownership and  Money Matters.

A Dessert, Climb, & Learn on Monday November 9th, 2015

First time home buyers are guided through the challenges and rewards on the path to home ownership.  This interactive seminar will include an opportunity to Rock Climb and a complimentary dessert.  You will experience challenge and reward. This seminar is a must if you dream of owning your own home.

You Deserve It—Restore the Balance



Let's start with Credit Repair and Money Matters.

A Dessert, Laser Frenzy, & Learn on Monday November 23rd, 2015
Credit is an important piece of the money puzzle. This interactive seminar will include an opportunity to enter the Laser Frenzy and a complimentary dessert.  I understand this and want to offer a few strategies to build and repair credit history.
So, I created this late afternoon session to help.
You Deserve It—Restore the Balance


Let's start with Visualizing the Dream for 2015

A Dessert, Bumper Cars, & Life Learn on Wednesday December 16th, 2015

1050 Baxter Road | Ottawa | ON | K2C 3P1

We will manifest unprecedented Health, Wealthy, & Spirit with your new Dream Board. You will leave with a personal script & visual picture of the dreams, missions, and goals for your life.  This interactive seminar will include an opportunity ride the bumper cars and a complimentary dessert. You can sense it, feel it, believe it and achieve it.

You Deserve It—Restore the Balance


Join Jacqueline Richards your Mortgage Agent and Yoga Teacher

When:  October, November, December

Time:   5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Where:  Fun Haven 1050 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Cost: $15 per Dessert and Learn workshop attendee

Note: Dreamboard workshop is $97.99/per person ($15.99/child)