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Half Day Training  Real Estate Investing in Today’s Economy

The extraordinary journey through Real Estate Investing continues for Savannah “Rich Mom” Ross. During this half day workshop, Savannah shares some of the challenges that she has faced in the current economy. She discusses how the strategies that she used to create financial freedom for herself and her family with Real Estate have held up. Join Canada's millionaire real estate investor, Savannah Ross, known to everyone as 'Rich Mom', for some empowering advice on how to make it happen even in this tough economy.

Get Started on the Path to Financial Freedom

Savannah “Rich Mom” Ross stumbled upon the path to financial freedom when her life was in crisis. For most of us, that is what it takes to change our lives. She is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start on the path to financial freedom in a much easier and less stressful way. Join Savannah in this half day workshop where she discusses the actions that she would have taken, in hind site, that would have created the financial freedom she is experiencing today. Learn from someone who has done it, how to make it happen for yourself.

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· Living at One, 160 Bank Street, Ottawa ON

· Friday, January 18th, 2013

· Begins 1:00 pm to 6 pm with Savannah and a path to Real Estate Investing in Today's Economy

· Refreshments include Coffee, Tea, water

$129.00 per person (includes work book sheets)




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