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Yoga can help your money habits: the root chakra

Posted by Jacqueline Richards on Tuesday, October 20, 2015,

Yoga and money sounds like an unlikely mix. But if you constantly make spending decisions that get in the way of a manageable, enjoyable life—anything from buying an expensive gift that you can’t afford to the “creep” of small purchases that become big debt—then you and your money are out of balance.

The ancient Sanskrit term yoga literally means “to unite” and to “to control.” The different yoga disciplines are all designed to create a union between the mind, body, and spi...

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The Wealthy Yogini

Jacqueline Richards An Accredited Mortgage Professional, Jacqueline authored” Yoga For Your Personal Finances” based on practical solutions to Health, Wealth, and Spirit blending postures and wealth solutions key to enriching physical well-being, personal wealth, and goals. Jacqueline is also a Yoga teacher and international speaker.


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