Hello, my name is Jacqueline Richards. I work in the financial industry helping clients realize their dreams of owning a home. 

Sadly, I have to tell more than a few people that they aren't able to afford it.  What has struck me, as I reviewed their finances, is the unbalanced emotional relationship common to those who have the most problems with money. 

I am also a teacher and on going student of yoga.  Yoga is considered a philosophy, a science and an art, not just a form of exercise.  The word "Yoga" means union.  The concepts and techniques of yoga seek harmony between the material, mental and spiritual.

Unmanageable finances are one manifestation of what happens when these three areas are out of balance. 

What would it be like to be balanced in all areas of your life?

Let's unblock the flow of money by bringing balance back into your life! 


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Wealthy Yogini Webinar July 19, 2015

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